The diet (oh no, he used the “D” word)

For a kick off, we shouldn’t say we are ‘on a diet’ – not sure how this would end the world, but you know these touchy, healthy types…

So, last week and the week before,  I tried to stick to a lunch time diet of mainly raw vegetables. It was actually kind of addictive (and this is from someone who is generally not an addictive type – whatever that is) because after you (or I in this case) have eaten the veggies (Kale, Tomatoes (don’t start!) Spinach and Asparagus) you kind of feel healthily good and not one iota sanctimonious, but still full.

This week I have been a bit less disciplined, I’ve had sandwiches and  meatballs…and I could really tell that junk was going in.

Now, I know some will say that a brown bread sandwich filled with chicken and mayonnaise and salad is neither the healthiest or unhealthiest thing in the world…it’s the bread that is the beast. I have cut down my bread intake over the last few months to such an extent that I now feel bad eating it – this has to be psychological as opposed to physiological.

So yesterday, I reverted back to the raw stuff, with a couple of slices of Serrano ham, and although I was still a bit grumpy in the afternoon, we’ll write that off to the ear thing, by evening I was once again a calm person. Today, there is the same lunch but without the ham, I already feel calmer than I have for the earlier part of the week so maybe, just maybe there is something to this healthy eating kick beyond the obvious weight control aspects.

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