Listening with one’s eyes

Some of you may know that over the last two weeks I’ve had a bit of an ear thing.

Originally, a few years ago, when I had a similar ailment- whistling in one ear and a feeling that something was trying to get out, I was diagnosed as having Tinnitus. Even though this is a chronic condition that can stay with a person for life, I was okay with it, mainly because that’s not how it had been, doctors occasionally get things wrong – don’t get me started on Chris’s cancer misdiagnosis, and well cluster headaches are supposed to stay with one for life and mine have duly buggered off. Not that I would want cluster headaches back, thank you very much! My point is that the boundaries between chronic and acute ailments seem to have blurred, the one thing I’ve come to understand about my body is that only the eyes can read the “rule books” the rest of it does its own sweet thing!

Back to the ear. As I say, I was diagnosed with tinnitus a few years ago, and when I made time for it, it would be a pain in the arse and no two ways about it, but, and here’s the thing, my tinnitus really did have quiet spots when it really didn’t bother me at all.  After watching the gorgeous (oh come on, she is!) Suzanna Reid divulge her own Tinnitus life I once again noticed some differences between what I have and what she has.

Okay so now we’re almost up to date, and kind of at the point of the post, this bout of whistling has been with me for more or less two weeks, it started two days after watching Dirty Dancing at the Empire. I’ve been to the doctor- it has to be said that Norwood Avenue ‘s Doctor Aldihira is far and away the best G.P. That I’ve ever seen, principally because he listens to me describe the problem, then, he asks me what I think might be the cause and then offers me an opinion on whether he agrees with me or not and a relevant course of action.

Essentially, that’s pretty much all we need from G.P.s, and yet go on, think back when was the last time your G.P. acted the same? I can already tell that  Doctor Al-Dahira thinks my original diagnosis from the same, surgery, is utter cobblers, but is hedging his bets by waiting it out until I have finally had my ears syringed at Ainsdale Health and Wellbeing centre on Thursday next week. Talking of which, I think that i  can justify getting a bit pissy over the decision taken by Norwood Ave to no longer perform the syringing procedure themselves- it was always carried out by a nurse, never a G.P. but now it’s a case of “book an appointment with these clinics” subsequently when you try to book an appointment with the clinics, it can be four weeks wait for a syringing!

A couple of days, perhaps even over a week ago, I posted on Facebook about the one advantage this condition has highlighted, the low frequency gain, although it isn’t really a gain , it’s a paying attention to! Tonight, I’ve come to notice another, it’s more about positive thinking, because it’s nice to listen to people, when they speak to you (as opposed to listening into them with the aid of a glass tumbler up against the wall) ,  I now find myself paying much more attention to people when they’re speaking to me than when I have the regular stereo hearing, which most people enjoy. I can’t lip read, but I am giving serious thought to learning either British or International sign language.

This revelation, has opened up my eyes, more importantly, my mind! I’ve always fobbed off my chances of striding into Academia as not really practical, as I’m not Academic…that’s come to be a bit of a cop-out, you are what you want to be. I’m not saying that I’ll sign up for a degree course tomorrow, but I now feel more empowered to perhaps take a few more courses in the very near future, I already have the level two Counselling Course to look forward to enrolling for in June, perhaps I could do another as well?

Well, that’s enough waffling for one night, I could have done this so much quicker on my laptop, so will probably never do another IPad blog. Sorry for the rambling folks, I got there in the end. Here’s hoping that Thursday gets here quickly and that soon I’ll be able to appreciate stereo once more.



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