I had a dream last night…

No, I’m not about to burst into the excellent song “Stay” by Sash…although I am now going to download it…done!

Okay where was I? Aha last night’s dream. Well let me first add that I don’t normally dream. However, just lately I have been having problems getting off to sleep. So I’ve been having Sleep Aid – the herbal ones. They taste awful, but they do work, and give me quite vivid dreams. One dream I had a few months ago, when I was having similar problems involved, well a lot of abandonment issues…’nuff said!

Get on with it, I hear you scream. So, as you know I am currently writing three novels, The Calling, Black Lights and Something Inside. In my dream, I was sat on our couch watching Television. A film was coming on the t.v. set, a river appeared, then the opening credits started to appear:

A Paladin Films Production

Ooops – some guy’s name – sorry I can’t remember who.

also starring
Jenna Louise Coleman as Rachel

and Sheridan Smith as Lisa

M.A. Wild’s

Something Inside

Then the view across the Irish Sea came into view and Ellie Goulding’s Lights began to play.

Alas, then I woke up!

I am not claiming that this dream is precognitive or prophetic. However, it is for me, inspirational! I don’t know if I have it in me to write a book that will be made into a film. Who wouldn’t want that? But who says that success should be rained upon little old me with just a C.S.E. in English? Well, no-one, not even me, but I definitely can assert that if I don’t carry on writing, it definitely won’t happen. So, even though I was going to put the writing on hold in a couple of months whilst I complete my College Course, this dream has made me rethink that…I’m just going to have to do both and continue to enjoy the exploits of Rachel and April, Lisa and Charlie, Pippa and Will (Sound like the famous six don’t they?) and see where it all goes.

Thanks for reading folks,
Roll credits!

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