The Calling: The Plan

Way back in 1994, following a few incidents, minor life-ticks, (I really do not know another way of describing them, little things that happen, that don’t really mean or do something on their own – they just add up to a greater part), I started writing the book that I am still writing, The Calling. It is nearing completion, one day – possibly this year, I will set about getting/paying/bribing/pleading with, people to publish it. But, (it still needs work, some missing ingredient, a special thing, I don’t know what that thing is…but I think I might have found something that might help. And yes, it’s a bit radical, a bit banal, it’s so totally me!

In 2015 whilst visiting New England Garden Centre, Radcliffe – well actually just after, I implored Chris to take us on a bit of a joy ride. See, in the years between 1994-1996 I fell in love…with Walshaw / Elton. I used to catch the 510 bus into Bury when I was on a training scheme there and then again when I worked for Thermo. After this I used to drive around there at least once a week, looking for something, I don’t know what, a sense of belonging there had grabbed hold of me I guess. On the day of the garden centre visit I just wanted Chris to take me back to Walshaw again and she duly obliged. We went to San Roccos and had a meal and a great time. More than this however (trying and failing not to use the B-word again) I felt that ‘Walshaw’ feeling again, as if temporarily, I’d been transported back to that ignition moment, the start of The Calling. Oh and yes, The Calling is set in Walshaw / Elton / Ainsworth (where all the good things come from!).

So, the plan? Well the more perceptive of you will have deduced that I plan on going back to Walshaw…on the bus! Shock horror! This is going to cost a bit of money, probably about £20-00 as I will have to catch a train down to Bolton, then using my new m-tickets app ,  I’ll get on either the 510 or 511 and hopefully recover the mindset…and yes I have stolen that description straight from the lines of Manhunter!

I won’t be able to exactly replicate my former 510 bus journeys for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t live in Bolton anymore, and I’m not stopping overnight at my dad’s – he’ll think I’ve gone even more barking than what he probably already does!
  2. The 510 no longer stops at the place where I used to board it! Boooo!
  3. The 510 now has a slightly different route, although (for the moment) it still goes where I need for it to go.

But, (grrr!) one thing holding me back is that it was summer when I first started catching that 510 to Bury. Here’s my quandry, do I wait until Summer or just go for it any old time? I realise how absolutely funky this all must sound. Seriously, are you surprised if you know me (and at least one of you does)?

Chris was all kinds of ‘Wha?’ and ‘Meh!’ when I told her of my plans last night. I can’t blame her, I would understand someone saying something like my plan, but (seriously now!) I tend to spend most of my time thinking outside of the box, hell, I wish I spent more time, near, if not in, the bloody box! It may work, it may be a big fat waste of twenty quid, who is to say before the event? I’m making this sound like a really big thing aren’t I? I do that a lot (bloody drama queen!).

Meanwhile, work on The Calling will now come to an end until ‘that day’. Black Lights needs work – it needs rewriting if the truth be known, because it’s a more like something you would see on the Hallmark Channel and about as thrilling as watching lettuce wilt! There are good parts:

  • The rebuilding of the corner house
  • Joe’s explosive demise
  • Will and his aura revelations
  • April’s fall into darkness

But that is not enough. Fortunately, Easter (yargh I hate it!) is almost upon us and of course Chris will be working it, leaving me at home on my own (or will Pepper be with us?). This will give me time to start writing once more – I may even blag a monitor from work and get my PC back from Dad’s – should take about a day updating the thing, but then I can type away happily, it never works out that well on a laptop.

Then, when I’ve got Black Lights moving nicely along…I can stick with it! I have proved that I can’t do more than one thing at once, it’s time to own that by not attempting anything more.

See you when the fog clears…

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