What’s the most frustrating thing in your life?

For me it’s when I cannot control something. With regret, this can apply at any point throughout our existence, for example:

  • When your cat has a complete meltdown and decides to literally vanish before your very eyes.
  • When someone tells you a secret that you’d rather not have known.
  • When you give a perfectly logical and balanced reason for doing / saying something and the other person simply refuses to acknowledge your point.

There are many, a myriad of course, and they are obviously not just confined to me and my own personal crazy. We all experience them, and to a lesser or greater degree, they do grey our hair for us, for a time, then there is some kind of resolution: the cat reappears in his own good time, you forget that secret or the person who told it you leaves your life (that could also be the solution for the third bullet point).

So how does this relate to my writing. Well, this is what I want to try and get across from Charlie’s point of view in The Calling, he remembers Lisa and then can’t seem to get her out of his head. Frustratingly so (see what I did there, talk about a seamless segué). I frequently re-read what I have written so far, and, I don’t think I have yet managed to convey that oh-so-bloody-annoying-frustration-feeling when something penetrates, then dominates our waking thoughts. I’m going to have to have a read-up on this, hmmm but how?

Elsewhere, there’s a new impetus with regards to Black Lights. Take a step forward Josh, Tyler and Nicholas, three junior tearaways with a penchant for trouble and a way of developing the sinister plot. Even I would admit it’s sinister and I’m writing it! The chapter featuring this trio of terror (they are not that terrible) is enjoyment itself to write, who wouldn’t revel in the opportunity to regress to being an eleven-year-old boy once more, if only for an afternoon?

See you when the fog clears!

P.S. don’t get me wrong, there are seldom that many things that I do want to control…I’m a bit lazy that way, but I am very proactive, which brings about it’s own issues.

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