El año de mierda, la conclusión

Well it just sounds better in Spanish!

So far this year has been a bit tumultuous, on a personal front that is. I know that on a global scale my ramblings are just that, ramblings, bleatings of a western world person who would not know real hardship if it walked up to him, kicked him in the balls and I really must stop talking about myself in the third person as that’s the stuff of craziness.

Losing Joe Carson from my facebook feed was like life saying to me, ‘so you got used to something, cool, watch as I now take it away!’ Obviously the people most affected by the passing of Joe will be those who saw him on a day to day basis, I wish I had seen him more often in the last few years, I especially liked his openness and down-to-earth direct manner of speaking. He wasn’t impressed by me working in a university (it’s not like I’m one of the lecturers!) and he took umbrage at me looking down my nose at Breightmet – my roots, I think I deserved that!

Also, we lost Mike, I had only known him since 2001 but in all honesty I did really enjoy his company, even when he was banging on about cars and as for Formula One tactics – aysh. It still feels very invasive sitting in his spot on the sofa, not that he was at all like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, he wasn’t defensive of that place, just y’know, it’s weird to sit there.

For the sake of my trying to claw back some integrity, I can’t mention the other thing that has upset the applecart this year. Because some things don’t need to be put on social media if they mean a lot to you. So, onwards!

Then Mikey the Fish (female fish) goes and checks out on us. To be fair, this was a Molly, and they don’t live long in domestic aquaria, three years was a good age, given that she was already a couple of months old when we got her. I’ll miss her frantically charging at the Platys at feeding time (and probably shortening their lives) and attacking me at each water change. But from the original four, she survived to a relative ripe old age. And as a mark of respect I have refrained from breaking down and crying like a big baby. Soft head!

So that’s it, I’m putting a deserved end to this tumultuous year that I’m having. Why? Because it’s me that’s making it tumultuous with my harrassing of companies on Twitter and falling out with people etc (I did promise that I wouldn’t bang on about that!). Because these things are trivial, banal compared to real world problems. I’m so lucky in that I do know how to express myself so that others understand me, not everyone is so well equipped at getting their point across, I should count my blessings, not abuse them.

The next blog post will be more entertaining, and more book-related. I had to just get this off my chest.

See you when the fog clears…hopefully it should have started by now.

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