That Damn Cat…We love him!

So, those of you whom have been following this blog – hey thanks by the way I nearly fell through the floor when I saw the stats (#TwitterWorks), will recall that Chris and I were due to adopt a cat…

Introducing Pepper (he came with that name and we didn’t want to confuse him!)

I always said that if we were going to have a cat I hoped it wouldn’t be a boring one. Oh how kismet is making me pay for that now! Because the energetic little bugger takes great delight in walking up to me all friendly and purring when I’m trying to be asleep at 4:10 each and every morning. Within a few seconds the demons are upon him. He wraps his claws around my hand – that I had been using to stroke him, and bites. At the moment, his bite is not at all painful, it just invokes a “you cheeky bugger!” response. In essence, he is practising killing – it’s what cats do! As he is an indoor-only cat then he will never need to learn this skill but we are fighting against hundreds of thousands of years’ worth of evolution in the form of limbic hardwiring here – he’s meant to be like this. He’s just a pain in the arse when he wants to play fight / practise killing at the ungodly hours of the day. So much so that I’m thinking of renaming him to P.I.T.A.

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