Black Lights

Something sinister and twisted, dark and malignant is seeping into the lives of the residents of Elton and changing them. When the corner house at Walshaw Road was destroyed the locals prayed that this was the end of its three hundred years of suffering and misery, of perversion and exploitation. Their prayers were not answered. In a time when all religions are scrutinised, when humanity as a whole begins to question its own morals,  “The Attesters” descend on the sleepy little village with plans to enlighten the world, one soul at a time. At first only Will sees them for what they really are, the swirling void of destruction wrapping itself around each “Witness’s” very aura, a portent of an impending disaster. They have Rachel’s sister, but is she strong enough to resist the constant mental pressure, the never-ending prayers and sleep deprivation? When the law has no power to intervene, it’s up to each individual to take a stand against greater forces that have no goodness in them.

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