What I’m currently reading: April

21423336You don’t remember her, but she remembers you by Harriet Lane

I first started reading this deeply psychological thriller about two years ago. At the time (just before Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train hit the headlines) I thought this might be useful as research into writing from a female perspective, it still might be. The narrative is in the first person as seen from both lead characters, Emma and Nina. I have to say I have issues with some of the content. Child abduction, no matter how briefly is a touchy subject, but then some of my books and most of the ones I read have murders in them. Given a choice I think I’d rather be abducted! Anyway, it is a compelling read. Last time I got to roughly halfway when I decided to put it on hold for a while. Here’s hoping that I finish it this time around…unlike the secret history of Twin Peaks which I am still reading. If the cat lets me I will try and make some more headway into that tome this weekend.

As an update to this, I’ve still not finished this damn book. I did a search on reviews for the book and quite a few people seemed to have the same issue with it that I do: Practically every chapter is repeated. You get Emma’s version of events and then Nina’s – and Nina is a bit of a crackpot to be honest. I’m no closer to finding out what exactly pissed Nina off to such a degree that she feels the need to infiltrate / violate Emma’s life but I’m thinking Emma might have shagged Nina’s dad! Anyway, I swear I will finish it…one year. I even found my old copy that I thought I had thrown away, so now I have two. I bet not even the author could say that!

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