Something Inside

Rachel Ramsden had thought that up until now her life had been at some times hard, at others, interesting but that was before…

  • before “The Attetsters” attempted to brainwash and poison her sister,
  • before her memory of the bus crash which shaped her life and career, suddenly started to feel  not quite right,
  • before large amounts of money started to appear in her bank account
  • before she was repeatedly found roaming the streets at night with no idea as to how she got there.

‘but imagine that the majority of your life, your memory, your personality, had been twisted, contorted and manipulated. Imagine you’d been dubbed a hero but you hadn’t earned the credit. Imagine if you will, having to face each day no longer sure about not only what you did, but who you are.’

Rachel will uncover the dark secrets of what happened aboard the number 273 bus that fateful morning, but once you find where the lie started, when will it end?



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